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Exchange 2007 Interview Questions


Posted by Nageswari Vijayakumar | Posted in | Posted on 9:01 PM

• In Exchange 2007, what are the minimum requirements for implementing a high availability topology, in relation to the server roles and server numbers?
• In Exchange 2010, what are the minimum requirements for implementing a high availability topology, in relation to the server roles and server numbers?
• Describe the concept behind Log Shipping.
• What's the difference between LCR, CCR and SCR?
• What's SCC?
• You've installed Exchange 2007 RTM and are looking to enable SCR but cannot find the option to do so in the EMC or in PS. Why?
• Describe DAG in Exchange 2010.
• Considering DAGs in Exchange 2010, why does Microsoft claim that you can run "Raidless"?
• Would you run "Raidless" even when implementing DAGs in Exchange 2010? Why?
• Would you run "Backup-less" even when implementing DAGs in Exchange 2010? Why?
• How do you enable LCR?
• Why does Microsoft suggest using NTFS mount points when using LCR?
• What Exchange edition version do you need for LCR? What Windows edition version do you need for LCR?
• How do you recover from a store corruption when using LCR? Name the procedures you would use.
• What are streaming backups?
• What are VSS backups?
• How would you backup Exchange 2007/2010 on a Windows Server 2008/R2 machine without using 3rd-party tools?
• What's a Brick-Level backup?
• What backup solutions are you familiar with in Exchange 2007/2010?
• What's a Recovery Storage Group? How do you work with one?
• Can you use Exmerge in Exchange 2007/2010? Why?
• How do you export mailbox content in Exchange 2007/2010?
• What's a Dial Tone recovery?
• What built-in tool do you have to allow you to manage Exchange store recoveries?
• What the difference is between online and offline defrag?
• In Exchange 2010, is there any change in the way online and offline defrags are used (or should be used)?
• What is Eseutil?
• What is Isinteg?
• Name a few scenarios for using both tools?
• What are the major considerations for using these tools?
• Where does Exchange 2007/2010 get its routing topology from?
• What protocol is used for the Mailbox to HT transport?
• How would you achieve incoming mail redundancy?
• Name all the client connection options in Exchange 2007/2010.
• What happened to OMA?
• Name some of the major changes in OWA in relation to Exchange 2007 and Exchange 2003? And in relation to Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2007?
• What's the ECP in Exchange 2010 OWA?
• A user opens an OWA session from an external computer. Which role does that user connect to?
• What are the major changes in Outlook 2010 in relation to Exchange 2010, when compared to Outlook 2007/Exchange 2007?
• What's a mailbox move request in Exchange 2010?
• What is Online Mailbox Move in Exchange 2010?
• Describe the issues you're facing when attempting to obtain a digital certificate for Exchange 2007.
• What's one of the changes that were made to the digital certificate request process in Exchange 2010 in relation to Exchange 2007?
• What are SAN certificates?
• Name a few commercial CAs you could use to obtain digital certificates.
• What is Cached Mode in Outlook 2007/2010?
What are the benefits and "issues" when using cached mode? How would you tackle those issues?
What is S/MIME? What are the usage scenarios for S/MIME?
• What is Outlook Anywhere?
• Describe the method for enabling Outlook Anywhere.
• You've just bought a new Internet domain name, and are looking to set up an Exchange organization to receive e-mail for that domain. Name ALL the steps you would need to take in order to successfully be able to work with that domain name.
• You've installed Exchange 2007/2010 and now you need to be able to send e-mail externally (to the Internet). What do you need to do?
• What's Accepted Domains?
• Where in EMC would you look to configure Send Connectors?
• What is a Mail Relay? Name a few known mail relay software or hardware options.
• What's a Smart Host? When would you use it?
• Wanting to configure a Send Connector to the world, what address would you use?
• What are Receive Connectors?
• In Exchange 2007/2010, what's the major issues blocking you from receiving e-mail from the world, considering you’ve enabled the right port(s) on the firewall, and properly configured MX records for your domain(s)?
• What's the difference between the "Client" and the "Default" Receive Connectors?
• You're looking to troubleshoot e-mail delivery issues. Name 4 options/tools/logs that are built into Exchange 2007/2010 that can help you in your task.
• ...
• You're looking to enable Anti-Spam features on Exchange. Which role would you use to do so?
• Let's say you want to use Anti-Spam features on the HT role. You're looking to enable these features but cannot find them. What do you need to do?
• Where does Edge role store its settings?
• You have a need to enable high-availability and load balancing on your Edge role. How do you achieve that?
• What's Edge synchronization?
• What's Edge subscription?
• How do you enable Edge subscription?
• What's the default replication interval for Edge sync?
• What ports do you need to open between the DMZ holding the Edge role and your internal network?