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How to Attend the interview

Posted by Nageswari Vijayakumar | Posted in | Posted on 11:42 PM

Dont's :

1. If you are not aware of the answer for an question - Tell the panel that i dint had an Opportunity instead of telling i dont know.

2. If you know something partialy , tell that you have not implemented,if i had a chance i would do it. Dont tell him that i know few things..

3. Dont over show off that you know nook & corner which will lead the panel to think negatively.


1. Give an Firm Handshake.

2. Keep in good Eye - Contact

3. Introduce yourself in a different manner. Start with previous job roles & responsibilities while introducing.

4. If the interviewer asks you do you have any questiosn for me?
YOu need to ask you regarding the scope of the project, what would be my role in the project.

Is this an new project or an exsisting project.

Which COuntry do we support.
It worked out for me well.

Hope the same for you!!!
All the best

Viewers suggestions are welcome.

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