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Windows Cluster FAQ's

Posted by Nageswari Vijayakumar | Posted in | Posted on 1:54 AM

Frequently asked questions
• Q. If a cluster passes all tests in the cluster validation wizard, is it supported?

A. If all hardware and software components in the cluster meet the qualifications for the "Certified for Windows Server 2008" or “Certified for Windows Server 2008 R2” logo, and the cluster passes the validation tests, then it is considered to be supported by Microsoft CSS for failover clustering.
• Q. Will failover cluster solutions be listed in the Windows Catalog?

A. No, Microsoft will not maintain a list of vendor solutions for failover clusters. However, many vendors list recommended failover cluster solutions and components on their Web sites.
• Q. Does this new support policy also apply to Windows Server 2003?

A. No, this is for Windows Server 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 only. The current support policies for previous versions of Windows will continue as they exist today.
• Q. How does Microsoft CSS check if the solution has been validated?

A. The cluster validation wizard generates a simple HTML report that clearly displays whether a solution has passed all tests. This report will be collected as part of the standard diagnostics utility, MSDT.
• Q. What if I make a change to the cluster configuration, like add a node? Does the validation wizard have to be run again?

A. Yes, the cluster validation wizard should be run any time a change is made to an existing failover cluster, as defined by Understanding the validation tests required for your scenario earlier in this document.

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